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Established in 1984 Aubry Jewellers has a lasting legacy of professional quality and experience. Family owned and operated, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our craft. Whether we are helping you find the perfect gift, creating a personal keepsake or restoring a cherished family heirloom. Our staff is knowledgeable and will do their best to ensure your needs are met fully and on-time.

“We have a human approach and we put a lot of care into special requests. It’s what makes us different” - Charles Aubry.

We are The West Island's 3rd generation experts in jewelry creations and drawings, 3D designs, clock, watch and jewelry cleaning and repairs, appraisals, trophies, engraving, gift certificates and corporate gifts... 
And, we are here to stay.

We are lucky to have a qualified and professional team, who share the vision and spirit of the business.

. Jean-Guy Aubry .

A jeweler and watchmaker first, a businessman second. Mr. Aubry is the namesake of our store and built it from the ground up to be the thriving institution that it is today. His attention to detail and unwavering emphasis on quality ensured his and our success. With more than 50 years of jewelry and watchmaking experience no problem is too big. 

. Alain Michaud .

Our in house expert technician for 30 years, was pivotal in building the reputation we hold dear. He is meticulous and professional. His work is held to our high standards.

“if it’s broken, i can fix it!”

. Charles “Chuk” Aubry .

The new blood, Chuk brings an element of artistic flair to our team. His designs are beautiful and unique by every definition of the word. If you are looking for something you’ve never seen before or just want some honest advice on your next purchase, Chuk will be more than happy to help. “